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Service and Repairs of Rollei cameras

  1. Rollei 35
  2. Rolleicord, Rolleiflex TLR
  3. Rolleiflex SL 66
  4. Rolleiflex 6000 System


Rolleiflex 4 × 4 cm

Hardly any repairman positively indicates that he works on the 4×4 cm TLR, the ‘Baby-Rolleiflex’. Some indicate they don’t. In most cases we can only hope that ‘all twin lens reflex models’ includes the ‘Babies’.

Rolleiflex SLX and Rolleiflex 6000 System

The situation with respect to camera’s of the Rolleiflex 6000 System is bleak. Not many worked on (the electronics of) SLX and 6000 models in the first place. Now it is even worse. In this case also parts seem to be the main problem. Sometimes replacing the camera looks like a better option than repair. Possibly cheaper and you will have parts for future repairs as a bonus.